We are standing at the trailhead of possibility. Behind us, leading to this place, is the road deeply trodden into the landscape by people with familiar names like Molson, Corby, Walker, Wiser and Seagram. Ahead of us lays an unknown range of peaks that we will explore. Our creativity and innovation drive us to plant flags on those peaks to show the world the true potential of Canadian Whisky.

Since the eighteenth century Canada has been one of the five great global whisky-producing nations. Unlike other countries on that list, our regulations allow distillers unseen possibilities far beyond the typical characteristics and flavour profiles the world loves in Canadian rye.

We explore these uniquely Canadian opportunities by creating malt whiskies that venture beyond the borders that have defined Canadian whisky.



A new understanding of hand-crafted goods has awakened in global connoisseurs. In this we see a thirst for newness that we can slake as a small-batch distiller. Our approach is inspired by craft brewing, as we are driven to develop and explore new grain bills and the myriad flavours they can create. This drives us to continually improve our processes and techniques; to create interesting notes, textures, and experiences; challenging ourselves and our audiences with every whisky we release.


We are independent malt whisky-makers – both a distiller and blender in the sole service of creating exciting, innovative, world-class whisky. As a small-batch distiller we produce essential whiskies that are the vital essence of our expressions. Maturing for a minimum of 5 years, these highly-flavoured whiskies are the character actors on our whisky stage. We then blend those with an ensemble cast of blending whiskies – some we distill, and others from renowned Canadian distilleries.


The western Canadian spirit of independence moves us to showcase the talents and resources of this region. We are collaborators at heart, building on the best of what our communities share. Whether it’s locally farmed and malted grains or other distillers and their creations, we are open to building something new and exciting with our partners and neighbours. We showcase the unique attributes of western Canada through our products and experiences.


Malt, Wheat, Demarara
48% ABV
Roasted Wheat & Peated
48% ABV