The Maligne Range is excited to announce the opening of its Whisky Experience in Jasper in 2024. Nestled in the stunning Canadian Rockies, the center will be a haven for whisky enthusiasts. Known for its sophisticated whisky, Maligne invites visitors to indulge in guided tastings, delectable dishes, and explore a curated retail space offering exclusive releases.

Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship behind each bottle as knowledgeable staff share the art and science of distillation. Witness the dedication to quality yourself during our tasting events, gaining insight into the meticulous aging process that defines Maligne’s sophisticated whisky.


The Maligne Range will feature a full-service restaurant and retail area, allowing guests to enjoy a range of elevated favourites and innovative, Canadian-inspired dishes, all thoughtfully paired with Maligne’s finest selections. Nestled in the heart of Jasper, this centre is poised to redefine the whisky-tasting experience, welcoming enthusiasts, novices, and those seeking a unique culinary and spirit adventure. Cheers to sophistication, refinement, and the joy of exceptional whisky!

– Coming 2024 –

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